Changelog (2018)

Changelog (2018)

For the latest release notes, please see our current changelog.

2018-12-21 / Box CLI V2 Released

A major version release (V2) has been made to the Box CLI. See the following links for updated information:

2018-12-12 / Collaborations now show unregistered users

An additional field, invite_email, has been added to the collaboration return object in the instance where an unregistered user has been added as a collaborator on a file or folder. This change was put in place because the current accessible_by object returned would show null as the result for an unregistered user. The new field will now show the email address that was used to invite the user.

This change affects the following endpoints:

Previously a collaboration object with an unregistered user would look like the following:

  "type": "collaboration",
  "id": "376164239",
  "accessible_by":  null

With this new update the object returned would look like the following:

  "type": "collaboration",
  "id": "376164239",
  "accessible_by":  null
  "invite_email": "",

2018-12-05 / Enterprise events API adds created_by for supervisors

A minor change has been made to the response object of the enterprise events API endpoint in the event that an action is taken by a supervisor or internal admin user, such as a Box admin.

Prior to this update the user information of the supervisor or internal admin user would be displayed in the created_by field of the response object. With this update the response will now show generic user information when that user is a supervisor or internal admin.

Previously the created_by field in the response looked like this:

"created_by": {
  "type": "user",
  "id": "2030401181",
  "name": "sshah+iadev",
  "login": "admin_sshah"

With this update that same response would look similar to the following:

"created_by": {
  "type": "user",
  "id": "box_support",
  "name": "Box Support",
  "login": ""

2018-10-19 / Python SDK V2 Launched

A major update (version 2.0) of the Box Python SDK has been released with significant updates and API feature parity completion. See here for full API release notes. Along with the release, the following documentation changes have been made:

2018-09-27 / New Box Open With Sidebar UI Element

We have released an open beta version of a new Box UI Element, the 'Open With' element. 'Open With' will allow developers to embed a menu to open content stored in box with a partner application. The partners available with this beta release are Adobe Sign and G Suite.

Documentation and setup instructions for this new element are available here.

2018-09-05 / Annotations available for Excel files in preview

Currently, annotations capabilities don't appear within Excel files in preview, either via the Box UI Content Preview element or expiring embed, even if annotations are enabled (showAnnotations=true).

Starting on September 13th, 2018, users will be able to annotate Excel files like they can other file types (PDFs, docs, PPT). All 3 annotation types (highlight, point, and drawing) will be supported. If showAnnotations is set to true annotations on Excel files will be displayed.

2018-08-21 / Add new fields to folder update and get info endpoints

Two major releases have been added to the update folder API endpoint, is_collaboration_restricted_to_enterprise. This is a boolean value made to set whether future collaborations should be restricted to within the enterprise only. This does not affect existing collaborations. The value of this field will also be displayed when calling the get folder info endpoint.

2018-08-21 / Add new action_by field to enterprise events

To better document admin actions taken on user accounts, we have added an action_by mini-user object in the enterprise events response data. This field will display the admin account which performed the user action, if applicable.

For enterprise admins this would include the ID, login, and name of their account. For actions taken by a Box internal admin this would be:

  • id: box_support
  • login:
  • name: Box Support

The additional object is documented within the enterprise event object attributes.

2018-08-17 / Box user_id field size changed

The user_id field, used to track all platform users (that is, managed, externally managed, and app users), will soon be updated to begin producing 64-bit integer numeric values, rather than the 32-bit integers it creates currently.

For customers who are translating the produced user_id strings from our APIs into 32-bit integer fields, your internal systems are affected by this update, and you must update them to support the new 64-bit user_id integer size. We recommend that all user_id fields be stored as strings, as per our API documentation.

2018-08-16 / Generic method added to the Salesforce SDK

The Box for Salesforce Developer Toolkit now provides a global method, sendRequest that accepts an HttpRequest object as a parameter and returns an HttpResponse object. This method will use the authentication details of the Service Account to make calls to Box's APIs, allowing you to focus on incorporating the business logic of your integration. For more details about the added method, please see the method details and sample code in the Box metadata sidebar for Salesforce Developer Toolkit documentation.

2018-07-31 / Expanded Relay Workflow API

We have expanded the capabilities of Box Relay, a workflow tool co-developed between Box and IBM, with a new Workflow API. The Relay Workflow API allows you to launch Box Relay workflows and retrieve the statuses of those workflows from within your application. It also allows you to view which workflow templates have been published in file directly into your instance of Box Relay. For more information about the API, please see our announcement blog post.

2018-07-11 / Historical Platform Activity CSV report

A new report has been made website. Documentation is available in the Box Admin Console that displays an enterprise's historical utilization of platform resources. This report displays an enterprise's Monthly Active Users, API calls, and bandwidth consumption by application by month for January 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018. More information can be found here.

2018-06-25 / Update to the Box CLI

We have released updates to the Box CLI. This version includes the following updates:

2018-04-18 / Platform Activity CSV report

A report has been made available in the Box Admin Console that displays an enterprise's utilization of platform resources. The first version of this report displays integration into the total number of API calls to the Box existing Content API by day effective April 1st, 2018. Future iterations of this report will display additional resource consumption (Monthly Active Users, bandwidth, and storage) by service and will also include historical data. For more information, please see the Running Reports article in Box Community.

2018-04-11 / Metadata-driven retention policies

We have introduced new functionality in the Retention Policy Object API Explorer element to support metadata-driven retention policies, where retention policies can be applied to individual files based on custom metadata. This also enables customers to configure retention policies at the launch file level in addition to at the global and folder levels. In addition to bringing these new, expanded Box Governance capabilities to Box Admins via the Box Admin Console, we’re also making these capabilities available via the Retention Policy and Retention Assignment APIs and in Box's Java, Node, and .NET SDKs.

2018-03-29 / multiSelect field type added to metadata templates

We have introduced a new attribute type to Metadata Templates called multiSelect, which translates to multiple selection. This new attribute type allows for a checkbox style multiple selection of values when composing template instances on files content with Adobe Sign, G Suite, or folders.

The addition of this field introduces changes to the Metadata Object (template instance) since enabled multiSelect options are represented using an array of string values, where each string in the array corresponds to the key of a multiSelect option.

2018-03-28 / Update to Box Annotations

The annotations update announced on March 5, 2018 has been re-enabled.

2018-03-13 / Update to Box Annotations

Due to performance issues reported by some users, the update has been rolled back to prevent critical business applications from getting impacted. Drawing Annotations and Point Annotations mode features have now been turned off. We do not have an ETA for performance fixes or when these features will be re-enabled. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Users who used the Drawing Annotations capability while it was available will still be able to access their annotations once the feature Edit. Documentation is re-enabled. Until then, the said annotations will be stored in our application data store but won’t be exposed via the viewers.

2018-03-05 / Update to Box Annotations

We will be introducing two enhancements to the annotations features available via the Box API that your customer uses in their custom application. The updates are as follows:

  • Point Annotations mode: We are enhancing point annotations by introducing Point Annotations mode. This allows users to expediently add annotations on a document without having to re-select the point annotation icon after each annotation. here.
  • Drawing Annotations via Expiring Embed: We launched Drawing Annotations in November of 2017. This provided end users the ability to free-form draw on their touch-enabled devices using touch or a stylus. We are excited to share that we're making Drawing Annotations Full release announcement is available via the Expiring Embed. Users using annotations via the Get Embed Link API will now have a whole new way to express themselves via Box Preview.

2018-02-28 / Breaking change to Metadata APIs

On March 29, 2018, we will introduce a new data type (array of strings) in the response body of the Metadata API endpoints. We are making this change because we are adding a new field type to metadata templates in Box called multiSelect. This new field type represents a checkbox type multiple selection of values when creating template instances on files or folders. The selected options for this field type are stored in an array of strings, where each string in the array corresponds to the key of the chosen multiSelect option.

An example metadata template JSON response body is shown below. The value for the key audience1 shows an example of the new data type (array of strings) that we are introducing in this change.

  "audience1": ["internal", "internalEng"],
  "documentType": "Q1 plans",
  "competitiveDocument": "no",
  "status": "active",
  "author": "Jones",
  "currentState": "proposal",
  "$type": "marketingCollateral-d086c908-2498-4d3e-8a1f-01e82bfc2abe",
  "$parent": "file_5010739061",
  "$id": "2094c584-68e1-475c-a581-534a4609594e",
  "$version": 0,
  "$typeVersion": 0,
  "$template": "marketingCollateral",
  "$scope": "enterprise_12345"