Box Platform helps AltX connect investors with hedge fund managers to find stickier investments

When AltX users log in for the first time, they can access specific files and folders which are stored securely in Box. This enables a secure environment and useful sharing between parties, all configurable using Box's permission model. The documents are all securely stored in the cloud and AltX employees can easily configure security and compliance settings using the Box Admin Console, dramatically reducing overhead and development time.

“We realized that Box Platform could form the base of not just a simple document upload feature that we were doing, but also the base for a full document management solution, with document sharing and secure data rooms," says Christian McCarrick, the Former CTO of AltX. "We saw the possibilities that Box Platform could shave off a lot of development time for us.”

By leveraging Box Platform, AltX enables investors and funds to upload and share SEC documents, such as 13F Forms, ADV Forms, and Form D files. AltX can control access permissions to keep these interactions secure and apply specific metadata to associate content with specific investors and funds. The documents are securely stored in Box, alleviating the burden of building secure, compliant storage from scratch. Because Box has invested in the processes and expertise to help ensure compliance with regulations like FINRA and SEC 17a-4, AltX can easily store and enable sharing of financial documents for users.

Building with Box Platform allowed AltX to easily create a robust content management and collaboration solution in less than two weeks, allowing AltX developers to focus on their core competencies and build a great user experience.

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