Managed & External Users

Managed & External Users

Managed Users

Each Box enterprise is assigned a unique enterprise ID. Managed Users are any users that belong to one enterprise ID. Admins and Co-Admins can directly edit, delete, enforce security settings, and run reports against these users via the Admin Console. Managed Users consume a standard Box license and often, but not always, share the same email domain.

Log in as Admin User

Some applications need permissions that only Admins have in order to properly operate and therefore require an Admin to log in.

An example of this would be a security application that monitors enterprise events and takes action on suspicious events. The events endpoint can only be used by Admins or a Co-Admin with permission to access reporting.

External Users

An externally managed user, or External User, is a Managed User that belongs to a different enterprise ID. External users are often encountered when they are collaborated in on content owned by a Managed User of the application's enterprise, or when they authorize an OAuth 2.0 application. These users still have their own Box accounts, but cannot be managed via the Admin Console.