List all classifications


Retrieves the classification metadata template and lists all the classifications available to this enterprise.

This API can also be called by including the enterprise ID in the URL explicitly, for example /metadata_templates/enterprise_12345/securityClassification-6VMVochwUWo/schema.


Returns the securityClassification metadata template, which contains a Box__Security__Classification__Key field that lists all the classifications available to this enterprise.

application/jsonClient error

Returned if any of the request parameters are not valid.

application/jsonClient error

Returned when a template name is not correct. Please make sure the URL for the request is correct.

application/jsonClient error

An unexpected client error.

List all classifications
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Request Example

curl -i -X GET "" \
     -H "authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>"
var template = await client.MetadataManager.GetMetadataTemplate("enterprise", "securityClassification-6VMVochwUWo");
MetadataTemplate template = MetadataTemplate.getMetadataTemplate(api, Metadata.CLASSIFICATION_TEMPLATE_KEY);
template = client.metadata_template('enterprise', 'securityClassification-6VMVochwUWo').get()
client.metadata.getTemplateSchema('enterprise', 'securityClassification-6VMVochwUWo')
	.then(template => {
		// the classification template
TypeScript (Beta)
await client.classifications.getClassificationTemplate();

Response Example

  "id": "58063d82-4128-7b43-bba9-92f706befcdf",
  "type": "metadata_template",
  "copyInstanceOnItemCopy": true,
  "displayName": "Classification",
  "fields": [
      "id": "822227e0-47a5-921b-88a8-494760b2e6d2",
      "type": "enum",
      "key": "Box__Security__Classification__Key",
      "displayName": "Classification",
      "hidden": false,
      "options": [
          "id": "46aea176-3483-4431-856c-6b5b13d1cc50",
          "key": "Sensitive",
          "staticConfig": {
            "classification": {
              "classificationDefinition": "Sensitive information",
              "colorID": 4
  "hidden": false,
  "scope": "enterprise_123456",
  "templateKey": "securityClassification-6VMVochwUWo"