Configure a Box Skill

This guide will walk you through creating a new Box Skill application and configuring it within your enterprise.

Complete the following steps to create and configure a new Box Skill application

  1. Create a Box Skill application.
  2. Configure your Box Skill application.
  3. Enable your Box Skill application.

Accessing the Box Admin Console for Box Skills

The Box Admin Console for Box Skills can only be accessed via this link

1 - Create a Box Skill application

To create a new Box Skill application follow the proceeding steps:

  1. Create a new app in the Box Developer Console
  2. Select Custom Skill as your application type and click Next
  3. Give your Skill application a name and click Create App
  4. Your Skill application has been created! Click View My App

2 - Configure your Box Skill application

After clicking View My App, you will see the Configuration page for your Box Skill application.

On this page, there are three configurable fields:

  • Client ID - the Client ID allows your Box Skill application to interact with the Box APIs. The Client ID is required to configure and enable the Skill in the Box Admin Console in the next step.
  • Invocation URL - the Invocation URL is a HTTP endpoint to invoke your function. If you are using one of the major cloud providers, this endpoint will be available in your settings
  • File Extensions - the File Extensions field allows you to define the specific types of file(s) your Skill will process.

More about Invocation URLs

An Invocation URL is an HTTP endpoint to invoke a function via an HTTP request. The exact format of this URL will vary based on the cloud provider.

To configure your Box Skill application, follow the proceeding steps:

  1. Copy the Client ID to your clipboard. You will use the Client ID to enable the Box Skill application in the Box Admin Console
  2. Enter a web address in the Invocation URL field where Box can send event notifications to trigger your Box Skill application
  3. (Optional) Specify any file extensions you'd like your Box Skill application to process. You can leave this field blank to process any type of file uploaded to Box
  4. Click Save Changes

3 - Enable your Box Skill application

To enable Box Skills, you must be upgraded to the latest version of the Box Admin Console.

If your Admin Console does not look like the screenshot above:

  • In the top right corner of the screen click the gear icon,
  • Click Use New Admin Console.

Primary Admin Access Required

Only the Primary Admin role can configure and enable Box Skills in the Box Admin Console

To enable your Box Skill application, follow the proceeding steps:

  1. Access the Skills section of the Box Admin Console. The main Skills page opens, displaying options for any Box Skills that may already be enabled for your enterprise
  2. Click Add Skill. A dialogue box opens.
  3. Enter the Client ID for your Box Skill application. This is the Client ID you copied from the Box Developer Console in the previous step. Click Next
  4. Select the folder(s) where your Box Skill application can operate. There are two options:
  5. All content in your company authorizes the Skill at the root folder, meaning a file uploaded to any folder is processed by the Box Skill application.
  6. Select a whitelist of folders enables you to select a specific folder (or folders) on which the Skill application operates.
  7. Click Enable Skill. A “terms and agreements” box displays. Accept the terms and agreements.

10 Skill applications per enterprise

There is a limit of 10 enabled Skills per enterprise at any given time. If you require more than 10 Skills, please contact your Box Sales Representative

Your Box Skill application is now enabled. Any new content added to the folder(s) you selected will now trigger an event to be sent to the Invocation URL provided in the Box Developer Console.

Configure a Box Skill

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