Box Skills

Box Skills

Box Skills are designed to allow the coupling of custom processing services for files uploaded in Box, with the intent of enhancing the underlying metadata of the file. The benefit towards this system is that it permits the storage of rich information about any files, which may then be used to automated tasks and future processes.

In general the end-to-end process of a Skills application follows the following flow:

App SetupA Custom Skills app is created to listen for upload events within the entire enterprise or one or more folders.
Invocation URL SetupWhen the Custom Skills app is created an invocation URL is set, which Box will notify when a new file is uploaded.
Parse EventWhen a file is uploaded, copied, or moved into a folder an event payload is sent to your invocation URL. This provides tokens to access the uploaded file in Box and store metadata back onto the file.
Send File for ProcessingThe file content is sent to an external service for insight processing, such as a machine learning system.
Store MetadataOnce the processing system is complete, those insights are stored back on the uploaded file as metadata.

Skills Kit

To simplify your integration with Box Skills, a Skills Kit has been made available to obfuscate many complexities of the above steps. The Skills Kit is currently only available in Node.