App Diagnostics Report

App Diagnostics Report

The App Diagnostics Report provides a spreadsheet detailing each API call made by a given application during a specified timeframe. The report gives you access to the API Request ID, which can be given to Box Support for troubleshooting purposes.

This report will not include:

  • API calls made within the last 48 hours
  • Authorization and Token API calls

We are working on including the above and thereby making the report suitable for real-time troubleshooting in the future.

1. Click on the App Diagnostics Tab

To run the App Diagnostics Report, click the App Diagnostics option located along the top of your application's configuration section in the Developer Console.

New Menu Option

2. Click Run App Diagnostics Report to configure your report

Clicking Run App Diagnostics Report will display a popup to select report filters and parameters.

App Diagnostic Menu

3. Select Report Parameters and Click Run

You can select a date in the last two weeks, starting 48 hours prior to today. A report can be run for up to a total of 24 hours. Click Run to generate a report.

Report Options

4. Access the Box Reports Folder

Navigate to All Files and locate the Box Reports folder. If this is your first time running a report, this folder is automatically generated. If you are an Admin, this is the same folder you access Admin Console Reports. Open the folder.

Box Report Folder

5. Find and Open the latest Platform App Diagnostics Report Folder

You will see any reports you have run in the Box Reports folder. Locate and open the most recent Platform App Diagnostics run folder.

Box Report Folder Contents

6. Check the Status

The report will take time to complete. You can see the status in the box at the top of the folder.

Status Screen

7. Report Completed

Upon completion, the status will change, and the .csv file will appear in the folder.

Diagnostics Report

8. Open the Report

You can open the file in your web browser or download it to view locally. If you need help from Box Support, you can send in the report with your ticket by attaching a downloaded copy or via shared link.

Report Details

The report has nine columns.

App NameThe name of the application
Client IDThe Client ID of the application
HTTP Status CodeThe response code returned from Box
API Request Duration (ms)The amount of time from API call to response
API Request IDAn unique identifier that can be used by Box Support
ResourceThe primary resource accessed in the API call
Sub ResourceThe secondary resource accessed in the API call
HTTP MethodThe type of HTTP method used in the API call
API Request TimestampThe timestamp of the API call