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Customize Logo

Customize Logo

Each of the Box UI Elements allow for specifying a custom logo to place in the top-left corner of the embedded container.

Custom logo

By default, each of the UI Elements uses a generic placeholder as a logo. This is meant to be replaced by either a Box logo or a custom logo, such as a company's logo.

To add a logo to a UI Element, supply a URL for a logo as an option in in the Javascript setup code. The following is an example of how to do this with the Content Preview UI Element.

var preview = new Box.Preview();, accessToken, {
    container: '.preview-container',
    sharedLink: '',
    sharedLinkPassword: 'bar',
    collection: [FILE_ID, '123', '234', ...],
    header: 'light',
    logoUrl: '',
    showAnnotations: true,
    showDownload: true

Box Logo

To present the Box logo in a UI Element, specify the string box as the logoURL option.

Image size

Images files will be fitted to a maximum height of 32 pixels and a maximum width of 80 pixels. Larger images will be shrunk to fit these dimensions.