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File Requests

Box File Request gives you a fast and secure way to request files and associated metadata from anyone. Using a drag-and-drop graphic interface, you can create a web form that enables you to:

  • Securely request files from anyone, no matter whether they have a Box account, without adding collaborators on a folder.
  • Solicit additional information with metadata form fields, which you can set as required/optional.
  • Enable extra security and tracking with link settings.
  • Kick off automated workflows using Box Relay.

The File Request API gives you the power to create new file requests based on an existing file request, update file request settings, activate and deactivate, and delete file requests programmatically.

Use Cases

The File Request API is especially useful in situations where folders are automatically created when a new case, project, or customer is created in an external system. For each of these folders a file request can be automatically generated, allowing customers and other users to upload documents to the project.

For example.

  • Case management - In this situation each customer support case has its own associated folder and a new file request can be sent out to a customer, requesting them to submit case related documents to the folder.
  • Project management - In this situation each project has its own associated folder for each project defined in an external system. The API can be used to automatically create a "Client Documents" folder within this folder, and a link can be sent to the client to allow them to upload documents on demand.
  • Employee "drop" folder - In this situation every new loan advisor in a bank has a personal folder in Box. To help them work with their clients a "drop" subfolder is automatically generated for them with an associated file request, allowing their clients to automatically upload documents to their advisor's personal folder.


Currently, the API only allows the creation of new file requests by copying an existing file request associated to another folder. Please check our guide to create a template folder with a template file request.