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Metadata cascade policies

A metadata cascade policy describes how metadata instances applied to a folder should be applied to any item within that folder. For example, a user might assign the same invoiceData metadata template to a project folder allowing it to automatically apply to all the files and folders within that project folder.

Every policy specifies exactly one metadata template instance and one folder.

Activation and permissions

To use metadata cascade policies, an enterprise admin needs to enable them for the entire enterprise. In the Admin Console, select Enterprise Settings, Content & Sharing, Cascading Folder Level Metadata. Click the Edit configuration button and pick who can apply cascade policies to folders.

Any user with edit permissions on a folder and the ability to create cascade policies can create metadata cascade policies for that given folder.


There is some delay from file upload to the metadata being applied. This very much depends on the number of items in a folder. Metadata cascade operations are performed asynchronously and there is currently no way to check when all metadata has been cascaded to all files.