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Change an assignment's message

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Change an assignment's message

To update a task assignment's message call the PUT /tasks/:task_id/assignments API, and include the new message for the task assignment.

var requestParams = new BoxTaskAssignmentUpdateRequest()
    Id = "12345",
    Message = "Updated message"
BoxTaskAssignment updatedAssignment = await client.TasksManager.UpdateTaskAssignmentAsync(requestParams);
String assignmentID = "12345";
BoxTaskAssignment taskAssignment = new BoxTaskAssignment(api, assignmentID);
BoxTaskAssignment.Info info = taskAssignment.getInfo();
info.setMessage("Please review the meeting notes");
updated_task = {'message': 'new message'}
updated_assignment = client.task_assignment(assignment_id='12345').update_info(data=updated_task)
print(f'Assignment ID is {} and message is {updated_task.message}')
// Update the task assignment message
		message: 'This needs some more changes'
	.then(assignment => {
		// ...