Box Skills Kit

Enhance content in Box using machine learning

Intelligence for your content

The Box Skills Kit is a new framework and developer toolkit that makes it easy to integrate powerful machine learning services with Box with just a few lines of code. Using technologies like image recognition, speech-to-text transcription, natural language understanding and more, you can enhance files in Box and add rich metadata to your unstructured data.

Make machine learning work for you

Understand your unstructured data

Use machine learning services to add structure and extract insights from documents, images, videos and other files stored in Box.

Open, flexible and secure

Tap into the best of what machine learning can offer while taking advantage Box's industry-leading security and compliance profile.

Easy to use

Integrate machine learning services in a fraction of the time. The Box Skills Kit includes APIs, tools, documentation and sample code to help you build.

Built for developers

With Box Skills, any developer can be a machine learning developer. Tap into advanced capabilities in machine learning while writing as little code as possible. Box Skills lets you get even more value from your content stored in Box and help teams throughout your business be more productive and automate workflows with their content.

The Box Skills Kit helps you write simple functions that take files from Box, process them using third-party machine learning services and write the results as metadata on the file object in Box using our existing APIs. This new framework leverages a highly-scalable and reliable event pump to trigger your functions based on activity in Box.

With Box Skills, you can apply machine learning services to your content in Box and deliver value across your entire business.

Box Skills Metadata Cards

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