Create task


Creates a single task on a file. This task is not assigned to any user and will need to be assigned separately.



Request Body

stringin bodyoptional

The action the task assignee will be prompted to do. Must be

  • review defines an approval task that can be approved or rejected
  • complete defines a general task which can be completed

Value is one of review,complete

stringin bodyoptional

Defines which assignees need to complete this task before the task is considered completed.

  • all_assignees (default) requires all assignees to review or approve the the task in order for it to be considered completed.
  • any_assignee accepts any one assignee to review or approve the the task in order for it to be considered completed.

Value is one of all_assignees,any_assignee

string / date-timein bodyoptional

Defines when the task is due. Defaults to null if not provided.

objectin body

The file to attach the task to.


The ID of the file


Value is always file

stringin bodyoptional
Please review""

An optional message to include with the task.



Returns the newly created task.

application/jsonClient error

Returned if the request parameters or body is not valid.

  • bad_request when the body does not contain a valid request. This may be because the action or completion_rule are not one of the allowed values.
application/jsonClient error

Returns an error when the user does not have the permission to create a task on the file.

application/jsonClient error

Returns an error when the file could not be found or the user does not have access to the file.

application/jsonClient error

An unexpected client error.

Create task
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Request Example

curl -X POST \
     -H 'Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>" '
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json" '
     -d '{
       "item": {
         "id": "11446498",
         "type": "file"
       "action": "review"
var taskParams = new BoxTaskCreateRequest()
    Item = new BoxRequestEntity()
        Type = BoxType.file,
        Id = "11111"
    Message = "Please review!"
BoxTask task = await client.TasksManager.CreateTaskAsync(taskParams);
BoxFile file = new BoxFile(api, "id");
Date dueAt = new Date();
file.addTask("review", "Please review this file.", dueAt);
message = 'Please review this'
due_at = "2014-04-03T11:09:43-07:00"
task = client.file(file_id='11111').create_task(message, due_at)
print('Task message is {0} and it is due at {1}'.format(task.message, task.due_at))
var options = {
	message: 'Please review for publication!',
	due_at: '2014-04-03T11:09:43-07:00'
client.tasks.create('22222', options)
	.then(task => {
		/* task -> {
			type: 'task',
			id: '11111',
			{ type: 'file',
				id: '22222',
				sequence_id: '0',
				etag: '0',
				sha1: '0bbd79a105c504f99573e3799756debba4c760cd',
				name: 'box-logo.png' },
			due_at: '2014-04-03T11:09:43-07:00',
			action: 'review',
			message: 'Please review for publication!',
			task_assignment_collection: { total_count: 0, entries: [] },
			is_completed: false,
			{ type: 'user',
				id: '33333',
				name: 'Example User',
				login: '' },
			created_at: '2013-04-03T11:12:54-07:00' }