Metadata cascade policy

A metadata cascade policy automatically applies a metadata template instance to all the files and folders within the targeted folder.


The ID of the metadata cascade policy object



Value is always metadata_cascade_policy

The enterprise that owns this policy.


The ID of the enterprise that owns the policy.



Value is always enterprise


Represent the folder the policy is applied to.


The ID of the folder the policy is applied to.



Value is always folder


The scope of the metadata cascade policy can either be global or enterprise_*. The global scope is used for policies that are available to any Box enterprise. The enterprise_* scope represents policies that have been created within a specific enterprise, where * will be the ID of that enterprise.


The key of the template that is cascaded down to the folder's children.

In many cases the template key is automatically derived of its display name, for example Contract Template would become contractTemplate. In some cases the creator of the template will have provided its own template key.

Please list the templates for an enterprise, or get all instances on a file or folder to inspect a template's key.

Response Example

  "id": "6fd4ff89-8fc1-42cf-8b29-1890dedd26d7",
  "type": "metadata_cascade_policy",
  "owner_enterprise": {
    "id": "690678",
    "type": "enterprise"
  "parent": {
    "id": "1234567",
    "type": "folder"
  "scope": "enterprise_123456",
  "templateKey": "productInfo"