Community Projects

Community Projects

The community projects list publicly available tools and services that have been generated by the Box developer community. They are split up into three main categories: SDKs and wrappers, API connectors, and tools.

Community projects and connectors are created and maintained by the community, and are not owned or maintained by Box.

Want to submit your project? Please review the Contribution Guidelines or reach out to us via email.

SDKs and Wrappers

Box Java WrapperJavaJava wrapper for the Box API written by Claus Ibsen. The Github repo can be found here
Box JavaScript SDKJavascriptA promise-based client-side SDK for making requests to the Box API.
Box Ruby SDKRubyA Ruby client library for the Box Content API.
Box R SDKRR interface for the Box API.
Box Powershell SDKPowershellPowershell SDK to call the Box API.
Powershell modulePowershellPowershell module which leverages the Box Windows SDK to administrate Box environments. Allows for complete automation of Box.
Box PHP / Laravel WrapperPHPPHP wrapper for the Box API.
Box PHP WrapperPHPPHP wrapper for the Box API.

API Connectors

Azure Logic AppsBuild your business flow based on the data you get from Box.
Cloud ElementsEasily integrate Box with Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and other popular cloud services.
IBM BluemixIntegrate Box to power content and data for your IBM Bluemix application.
KloudlessPower your app with integrations to Box and other CRM, calendar, and ITSM software services.
MendixConnect Box to apps built using the Mendix application platform.
Microsoft FlowCreate automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more.
MulesoftCreate data synchronization and process automation between Box and third party CRM, CMS, mobile and social applications.
StamplayBuild automated workflows to connect real business processes to Box.
WorkatoAutomate your document workflows by integrating Box with your CRM, marketing, ERP, support and accounting apps.


ShareXC#Open source screen capture tool that lets you upload to Box