Custom Applications

Build a custom application leveraging the Box Platform APIs

You can use the Box Platform APIs and SDKs to bring features of Box to your websites, mobile apps, or software products. Using the Box Platform, you can build applications that interact with files stored in Box and integrate functionality like file upload, download, viewing, search, commenting, metadata, permissions and more into your applications using our APIs. Custom applications can be authorized on an existing implementation of Box or built on a standalone instance of Box.

A custom application typically presents Box functionality to a user within a custom interface. Box offers pre-built user interface components known as Box Elements for functionality like browsing, search, viewing and more that can be customized, or you can build your own.

Example Use Cases

Developers use Box Platform to integrate secure file management and viewing into their applications. Example use cases include:

  • A file vault in an application that allows an end user to access files that have been shared with them. An example of this would be a financial advisor sharing statements and investment prospectuses with investors that can be viewed and commented on within an application.
  • A file upload feature in an application that allows an end user to submit and upload files from within a custom application to Box that can then initiate a business process. An example of this would be a candidate submitting a PDF of a resume to a recruiting portal then can then be routed to an appropriate screener.
  • An application that allows an end user to browse, search or sort through files and view them directly in the application's interface. An example of this would be a sales representative browsing through collateral and presenting a product video to a customer within a mobile application.

Authentication and Users

Box offers several different methods of authentication to support different use cases. You can build applications for users who already have Box accounts using Managed Users, for users who do not have Box accounts (or you do not wish to require a Box account) using App Users, or use Service Accounts for scenarios that do not require users to have dedicated storage or varying access permission levels.

You can learn more about the various user types and authentication here.