OAuth 2.0 Auth

OAuth 2.0 Auth

Client-side OAuth 2.0 is one of the easiest ways to authenticate a user for the Box API. It is an open standard designed to allow users to provide applications access to their data in other applications.

If you've ever logged in to a website with Twitter, Facebook, or Google you've most likely used OAuth 2.0.

the OAuth 2.0 flow

Client-side authentication on Box has a similar flow where a user is redirected from an application to the Box web app, required to log in, and grant the application access to the user's data.

When to use OAuth 2.0

Client-side authentication is the ideal authentication method for apps that:

  • Work with users that already have existing Box accounts
  • Want or require users to know that they are using Box
  • Want to store data within the user's Box account and not within the the application's Box account