Custom Integrations

Integrate an application or service with Box

You can use the Box Platform APIs to integrate your application or service with Box, just for your company. A custom integration is built when the application or service you wish to integrate is unique to your business or is not available as an existing partner integration in the Box App Gallery, or when an existing partner integration in the Box App Gallery does not meet all the requirements of your organization.

Example Use Cases

  • A service that creates a set of Box folders whenever a new record is created in a CRM system
  • A service that provisions or deprovisions user accounts whenever users are added or removed from an identity management system
  • A service that migrates files and metadata from legacy storage systems into Box

Authentication and Users

Box offers several different methods of authentication to support different use cases. You can build custom integrations server-to-server integrations with the Box APIs using OAuth 2.0 with JSON Web Tokens or build custom integrations for users who already have Box accounts using a standard 3-legged OAuth 2.0 authentication flow.

You can learn more about the various user types and authentication here.