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Embedded Sign client

Box Embed allows you to embed Box Sign features into your own website. This way, users don't have to leave the website, go to Box Sign to sign the document, and then come back to finish the process. Instead, Box Embed allows them to complete the signing process within the external website.

To integrate Box Sign experience within your own website, you need the iframable_embed_url parameter that is specifically designed to allow signing documents within the HTML iframe tag.

A sample iframable_embed_url looks as follows:


To get the iframeable_embed_url pass the embed_url_external_user_id parameter for each signer when calling the create sign request endpoint. The returned response will contain a unique iframeable_embed_url for that signer.

To embed Sign features and make them available to the users, use the URL within the iframe tag:


For details on working with Box Embed, see this guide.

Box Embed uses the Cloud Game widget to prevent clickjacking. In this case, when the user wants to sign a document, they will have to interact with the widget and drag a cloud to the correct location before proceeding to document signing.