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Resend Box Sign Request

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Resend Box Sign Request

The resend a Box sign request endpoint can be used to resend request emails to any remaining signers.

A Box Sign request cannot be resent if the status is: signed, cancelled, declined, expired, error_sending, or error_converting.

If a Box Sign request was recently sent, you will need to wait 10 minutes before resending. If you try before this time has passed you will receive a 400 error.

Reminder emails can be enabled when creating a Box Sign request to avoid the need to resend the request.

curl -i -X POST "<SIGN_REQUEST_ID>/resend" \
     -H "authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>"
await client.SignRequestsManager.ResendSignRequestAsync("12345");
BoxSignRequest signRequest = new BoxSignRequest(api, id);
BoxSignRequest.Info signRequestInfo = signRequest.getInfo();

sign_request = client.sign_request(sign_request_id='12345')
const id = 12345;
await client.signRequests.resendById({ sign_request_id: id });
console.log(`Sign request id ${} resent`);
client.signRequests.resendById(id: "1234") { result: Result<Void, BoxSDKError>} in
    guard case .success = result else {
        print("Error resending sign request")

    print("Sign request successfully resent")