Build with Box Platform

Secure content management and collaboration APIs for web and mobile apps

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Stop Building From Scratch

Box Platform removes the complexities of managing, securing, and creating engaging experiences with content so you can focus on building amazing apps

Complex File Structure
Accelerate Development Timelines

Remove the complexities of managing and securing content and focus on building experiences people love

Comments Tasks and Annotations
Increase User Engagement

Create collaborative and interactive content experiences on any device

Enterprise Grade Security
Maintain Security and Compliance

Utilize enterprise-grade security for your content that meets industry and global compliance standards

Create Better User Experiences

Browse Files and Folders

Simple and intuitive file and folder navigation


Keyword-based, filtered, and in-file search capabilities


Display documents, images, videos, 3D models and more in the app without requiring download and apply watermarks to protect sensitive content


Add text comments and annotations to files and assign tasks to users

Manage and Secure Your Content

Authentication Models
Authentication Methods

User model and service accounts designed for users with or without Box accounts

Users and Groups
Users and Groups

Create user accounts and group together users with similar attributes

Box Files and Folders
Files and Folders

Allow users to upload any type of file and organize files into folders, with version history whenever edits or changes are made

Permission Model
Permission Model

Choose from seven different types of access permissions, including "view", "share", "edit" or "upload only", and control exactly which users have access to which content

File and Folder Metadata
File and Folder Metadata

Define and store structured data key:value pairs to file and folder objects to add context, enable filtered search, and trigger data-triggered workflows

Policies and Retention
Policies, Automation and Retention

Configure policies to automatically quarantine certain file types and data types, trigger workflows based on events like uploads, or retain and delete content after set periods of time

Triggers and Events
Event Reporting and Usage Logs

Get audit trails on more than 70 file, user and administrative activities across 13 categories, so you can see where, when and how your content is used

Global Compliance
Global Compliance

Box provides the necessary safeguards to support your security requirements including International and industry compliance (HIPAA/HITECH, FINRA, etc.).

What Can You Build?

Multi-User Content Collaboration

Enable users to share files and folders and collaborate using comments and tasks

Mobile Content Capture

Allow users to capture images and videos from a mobile device and apply metadata and comments to provide context

Content Distribution

Upload and share a file once and make it instantly accessible from any instance of your app

Personalized Content Delivery

Create and share user-specific files, trigger notifications, and display within an application

User Onboarding

Prompt users to upload files at various stages in an application or onboarding process, pushing the different files to relevant users

Content Discovery

Allow users to browse through a library of files using keyword search or metadata filters and render files within the app
Box Admin Console on a Mac

Built-in Administrative Controls

Developers building with Box Platform get full access to the Box Admin Console

  • Define security policies, manage users and gain centralized control over content, metadata and more


  • Get audit trails on more than 70 event types for file, user and administrative activity


  • Set content policies to support eDiscovery and data retention and create lightweight workflows with automations and tasks