Upload part of file


Updates a chunk of an upload session for a file.



Path Parameters

stringin pathrequired

The ID of the upload session.

Request Body

binaryin bodyrequired

The binary content of the file

Request Headers

stringin header
bytes 8388608-16777215/445856194

The byte range of the chunk.

Must not overlap with the range of a part already uploaded this session.

stringin header

The RFC3230 message digest of the chunk uploaded.

Only SHA1 is supported. The SHA1 digest must be Base64 encoded. The format of this header is as sha=BASE64_ENCODED_DIGEST.


application/jsonUploaded part

Chunk has been uploaded successfully.

application/jsonClient error

Returns an error if the chunk conflicts with another chunk previously uploaded.

application/jsonClient error

Returns an error if a precondition was not met.

application/jsonClient error

Returns an error if the content range does not match a specified range for the session.

application/jsonClient error

An unexpected client error.

Upload part of file
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Request Example

curl -i -X PUT "https://upload.box.com/api/2.0/files/upload_sessions/F971964745A5CD0C001BBE4E58196BFD" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>" \
     -H "Digest: sha=fpRyg5eVQletdZqEKaFlqwBXJzM=" \
     -H "Content-Range: bytes 8388608-16777215/445856194" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" \
     --data-binary @<FILE_NAME>
//Reading a large file
FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream("My_Large_File.txt");
//Create the digest input stream to calculate the digest for the whole file.
DigestInputStream dis = new DigestInputStream(fis, digest);

List<BoxFileUploadSessionPart> parts = new ArrayList<BoxFileUploadSessionPart>();

//Get the part size. Each uploaded part should match the part size returned as part of the upload session.
//The last part of the file can be less than part size if the remaining bytes of the last part is less than
//the given part size
long partSize = sessionInfo.getPartSize();
//Start byte of the part
long offset = 0;
//Overall of bytes processed so far
long processed = 0;
while (processed < fileSize) {
    long diff = fileSize - processed;
    //The size last part of the file can be less than the part size.
    if (diff < partSize) {
        partSize = diff;

    //Upload a part. It can be uploaded asynchorously
    BoxFileUploadSessionPart part = session.uploadPart(dis, offset, (int)partSize, fileSize);

    //Increase the offset and proceesed bytes to calculate the Content-Range header.
    processed += partSize;
    offset += partSize;
upload_session = client.upload_session('11493C07ED3EABB6E59874D3A1EF3581')
offset = upload_session.part_size * 3
total_size = 26000000
part_bytes = b'abcdefgh'
part = upload_session.upload_part_bytes(part_bytes, offset, total_size)
print('Successfully uploaded part ID {0}'.format(part['part_id']))
// Upload the part starting at byte offset 8388608 to upload session '93D9A837B45F' with part ID 'feedbeef'
client.files.uploadPart('93D9A837B45F', part, 8388608, 2147483648, {part_id: 'feedbeef'}, callback);

Response Example

  "part": {
    "offset": 16777216,
    "part_id": "6F2D3486",
    "sha1": "134b65991ed521fcfe4724b7d814ab8ded5185dc",
    "size": 3222784