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Upload part

The representation of an upload session chunk.

This resource has a few variations that can be encountered when using the API.

The fields that are part of the standard variant are generally returned when the resource is requested via its own API endpoints. For example, when retrieving a file by ID, it will return these fields unless the fields parameter has been specified.

integer / int64

The offset of the chunk within the file in bytes. The lower bound of the position of the chunk within the file.


The unique ID of the chunk.


The SHA1 hash of the chunk.

integer / int64

The size of the chunk in bytes.

Response Example

  "offset": 16777216,
  "part_id": "6F2D3486",
  "sha1": "134b65991ed521fcfe4724b7d814ab8ded5185dc",
  "size": 3222784