At the core of every Box API call is an Access Token. Similar to using the Box Web App, you will only be able to successfully interact with content the user associated with the Access Token either a collaborator on or owns. This can be further restricted by downscoping a token.

Application scopes, application access, enabled advanced settings, user permissions, and endpoint-specific restrictions all work together to determine which API calls will be successful. For example, even if a user has collaborator access to a folder, a call to get information about the folder will not be successful if the read scope is not granted to the application.

Types of tokens

Access Token60 minutes
Refresh Token60 days or one use
Developer Token60 minutes

Application Types & Access Tokens

The following shows how each application type is expected to create an Access Token.

Box Application TypeHow to get Access Token
Custom App + OAuth 2.0Explicit user grant
Custom App + JWTExchange a JWT assertion
Custom App + Client Credentials GrantUse client ID and client secret
Limited Access App + App TokenConfigure token in Developer Console
Custom SkillAccess Token in event payload