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Salesforce Developer Toolkit

The Box for Salesforce Developer Toolkit allows customers to programmatically customize the behavior of the Box for Salesforce integration. The Toolkit consists of several global APEX methods that can be used to trigger and extend the default behavior. The global methods can update the internal Salesforce record to Box folder mapping and handle permission management.

This functionality is part of the latest Box for Salesforce package.

What the Toolkit does NOT provide

The Toolkit is not a full-featured APEX wrapper for the BOX Content API. If this is what you are looking for, have a look at the Box SDK for Salesforce.


A solution for authentication is to allow API calls to use the service account credentials.

This means that Salesforce Admins need to restrict access to the Toolkit global APEX class. As these methods allow direct modification of Box content and collaborations, Salesforce administrators should take appropriate precautions by restricting access to the global Toolkit APEX class.

Toolkit methods that take accessToken as a parameter can use the service account credentials by sending null for the accessToken value.

If a value is passed in accessToken, the API call to Box is done with the access token sent. It is up to the developer to ensure the token being passed is valid and the user associated with the token has permissions to perform the requested operation.