Webhooks allow you to monitor Box content for events, and receive notifications to a URL of your choice when they occur. For example, a workflow may include waiting for a file to be downloaded to delete a shared link. A webhook can be set on the file and upon notification of the download event, a script can launch to make an API call to delete the shared link.

Webhook developer console


There are two types of webhooks: V1 and V2, which are compared below.

For the ease of use, better security, more event triggers to choose from, and automatic retries we recommend to use V2 webhooks.

Created in the Developer Console.Created in the Developer Console or with an API call.
Set at the root level.Set on specific files/folders, but cannot set at the root.
Select from 14 event triggers.Select from 30+ event triggers.
Provides selected callback parameters.Payload includes full object response & additional context info.
No retry mechanism after notification delivery failure.Retries up to 10 times after notification delivery failure.
Does not support payload verification.Supports payload verification.
Notification URL can be HTTP or HTTPS.Notification URL must be HTTPS.
Does not scale well.Scales well and has increased reliability.