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Webhook Event Triggers


Files and Folders

The following is a list of events that can be configured to trigger a v2 webhook. Some events are only available for files, while others are only available for folders.

COLLABORATION.CREATEDA collaboration is createdNoYes
COLLABORATION.ACCEPTEDA collaboration has been acceptedNoYes
COLLABORATION.REJECTEDA collaboration has been rejectedNoYes
COLLABORATION.REMOVEDA collaboration has been removedNoYes
COLLABORATION.UPDATEDA collaboration has been updated.NoYes
COMMENT.CREATEDA comment object is createdYesYes
COMMENT.UPDATEDA comment object is editedYesYes
COMMENT.DELETEDA comment object is removedYesYes
FILE.UPLOADEDA file is uploaded to or moved to this folderNoYes
FILE.PREVIEWEDA file is previewedYesYes
FILE.DOWNLOADEDA file is downloadedYesYes
FILE.TRASHEDA file is moved to the trashYesYes
FILE.DELETEDA file is permanently deletedYesYes
FILE.RESTOREDA file is restored from the trashYesYes
FILE.COPIEDA file is copiedYesYes
FILE.MOVEDA file is moved from one folder to anotherYesYes
FILE.LOCKEDA file is lockedYesYes
FILE.UNLOCKEDA file is unlockedYesYes
FILE.RENAMEDA file was renamed.YesYes
FOLDER.CREATEDA folder is createdNoYes
FOLDER.RENAMEDA folder was renamed.NoYes
FOLDER.DOWNLOADEDA folder is downloadedNoYes
FOLDER.RESTOREDA folder is restored from the trashNoYes
FOLDER.DELETEDA folder is permanently removedNoYes
FOLDER.COPIEDA copy of a folder is madeNoYes
FOLDER.MOVEDA folder is moved to a different folderNoYes
FOLDER.TRASHEDA folder is moved to the trashNoYes
METADATA_INSTANCE.CREATEDA new metadata template instance is associated with a file or folderYesYes
METADATA_INSTANCE.UPDATEDAn attribute (value) is updated/deleted for an existing metadata template instance associated with a file or folderYesYes
METADATA_INSTANCE.DELETEDAn existing metadata template instance associated with a file or folder is deletedYesYes
SHARED_LINK.DELETEDA shared link was deletedYesYes
SHARED_LINK.CREATEDA shared link was createdYesYes
SHARED_LINK.UPDATEDA shared link was updatedYesYes
TASK_ASSIGNMENT.UPDATEDA task assignment is changedYesYes
SIGN_REQUEST.COMPLETEDA sign request is completedYesYes
SIGN_REQUEST.DECLINEDA sign request is declinedYesYes
SIGN_REQUEST.EXPIREDA sign request is expiredYesYes
WEBHOOK.DELETEDWhen a webhook is deletedNoNo


The follow is a list of events that can be configured to trigger a v1 webhook.

  • Sent
  • Created
  • Uploaded
  • Commented
  • Downloaded
  • Previewed
  • Moved
  • Copied
  • Task assigned
  • Responded to task
  • Locked
  • Unlocked
  • Deleted
  • Collaborator added