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Box Platform provides cloud content management APIs that you can use to create applications centered around content. You can use Box Platform to power file upload, viewing, commenting, search, sharing, and much more - all backed by an industry-leading security and compliance profile. Box Platform works seamlessly with popular AWS products, like AWS Cognito for creating and managing user accounts for your apps, AWS Rekognition for adding image recognition to your apps, or AWS Lambda for creating serverless functions, triggered off activity in Box using webhooks.

Together, Box and AWS help you create powerful cloud content applications to move your business forward.

Businesses of all sizes use Box Platform with AWS


Doxly is a legal transaction management platform that provides attorneys with an easy way to manage tasks and documents throughout the transaction process.

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Maxwell is a modern mortgage experience that enables mortgage lenders and their borrowers to collaborate more efficiently throughout the home-buying process.

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Perkins + Will

Perkins + Will is a leading architecture and design firm that built an iOS application for sharing and collaborating on content related to construction projects.

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