Box UI Elements

Modular components to power user experiences with content in your web and mobile apps

We get it. Building a great user experience is hard. At Box, we've spent more than 10 years designing, developing, and iterating on our own applications - and we're still not done. We built Box UI Elements to share our learnings and expertise to make your life easier.

Now, you can bring parts of the Box user experience to your own apps with just a few lines of code and customize it to fit your needs. Take advantage of best practices we've created in building our own applications without having to build from scratch.

Easy to Use

UI Elements let you create beautiful user experiences with content with just a few lines of code.

Fully Customizable

Each UI Element can be customized using CSS to fit your app's own look and feel.

Always Improving

We'll continue to add new features and tweak performance to the UI Elements, so your apps can get better over time.

"We've used the Box File Picker UI Element to allow Workplace users to quickly share their files. Integrating their library has been easy and every new version has improved the previous one by adding more features or by fixing bugs. The team was also very prompt in giving support and releasing new versions."

- Aurelio De Rosa, Front End Engineer at Facebook

A Complete UI Toolkit for Content

Box UI Elements help you power typical user experiences with content in your apps, like uploading a file or viewing a file. You can use each UI Element on its own or string multiple components together to create seamless user journeys. Box UI Elements are fully integrated with the Box Platform APIs and are available as Javascript libraries or NPM packages. You can also download the Box UI Elements Sketch Design File.

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