Sign webhooks

Sign webhooks

Sign webhooks allow you to receive notifications about events that happen with the signature requests. You can use them to trigger actions in your own application, or to notify your users about events that happen in Sign.

This is particularly important since the signature requests are asynchronous, and the signers can interact with them at any time, possibly outside of your application.

There are Sign related events that can trigger the webhooks. Like most of Box events the listeners are set at folder or document level.

The most common use case is to listen to the events at the folder where the sign requests are created. This way you can listen to all the signature requests created in that folder.

Some examples of events that can be listened to are:

  • SIGN_REQUEST.COMPLETED, when a signature request is completed.
  • SIGN_REQUEST.DECLINED, when a signature request is declined.
  • SIGN_REQUEST.EXPIRED, when a signature request expires.
  • SIGN_REQUEST.SIGNER_EMAIL_BOUNCED, when a signer's email is bounced.