Bring a whole new level of collaboration to your apps

Box Annotations Text Highlights and Point Comments

What are Annotations?

Annotations help developers bring a whole new level of collaboration to their apps. With annotations, end users can collaborate on a file without having to leave the app or print out files in order to mark up or highlight them.


Annotations allow users to highlight text and comment on specific areas of a file rendering, such as a particular area of an image or on a particular slide of a presentation. Once enabled, your users will see options to add annotations in the header bar of the embedded file viewer using either the Box Content Viewer or the Get Embed Link endpoint of the Box Content API. You can easily enable annotations by adding a query parameter to the embedded file URL. Annotations are currently optimized for web browsers with limited support for mobile browsers.


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Point Comments

Annotation Types

Point Comments

Allow users to add comments to specific points in a document or image preview. Point comments are stored with the file and displayed to other users of the app. Point comments will display a user's name, text comment, and the date and time of the comment.

Text Highlights

Allow users to highlight text in a document preview. Highlights will place a transparent yellow overlay over text in the document and highlighted text will be visible to other users who preview the file.