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API Release Notes

2018 Release Notes

For historical release notes, please see 2017 Release Notes and 2016 Release Notes.

2018-04-18 Platform Activity CSV report

A report has been made available in the Box Admin Console that displays an enterprise's utilization of platform resources. The first version of this report displays the total number of API calls to the Box Content API by day effective April 1st, 2018. Future iterations of this report will display additional resource consumption (MAUs, bandwidth, and storage) by service and will also include historical data. For more information, please see the Running Reports article in Box Community.

2018-04-11 Metadata-driven retention policies

We have introduced new functionality in the Retention Policy Object API to support metadata-driven retention policies, where retention policies can be applied to individual files based on custom metadata. This also enables customers to configure retention policies at the file level in addition to at the global and folder levels. In addition to bringing these new, expanded Box Governance capabilities to Box Admins via the Box Admin Console, we’re also making these capabilities available via the Retention Policy and Retention Assignment APIs and in Box's Java, Node, and .NET SDKs.

2018-03-29 multiSelect field type added to metadata templates

We have introduced a new attribute type to Metadata Templates called multiSelect, which translates to multiple selection. This new attribute type allows for a checkbox style multiple selection of values when composing template instances on files or folders.

The addition of this field introduces changes to the Metadata Object (template instance) since enabled multiSelect options are represented using an array of string values, where each string in the array corresponds to the key of a multiSelect option.

For more information, please see the metadata reference documentation.

2018-03-28 Updates to Box Annotations

The annotations update announced on March 5, 2018, has been re-enabled.

2018-03-13 Updates to Box Annotations

Due to performance issues reported by some users, the update has been rolled back to prevent critical business applications from getting impacted. Drawing Annotations and Point Annotations mode features have now been disabled. We do not have an ETA for performance fixes or when these features will be re-enabled. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Users who used the Drawing Annotations capability while it was available will still be able to access their annotations once the feature is re-enabled. Until then, the said annotations will be stored in our application data store but just won’t be exposed via the viewers.

2018-03-05 Updates to Box Annotations

We will be introducing two enhancements to the annotations features available via the Box API that your customer uses in their custom application. The updates are as follows:

  • Point Annotations mode: We are enhancing point annotations by introducing Point Annotations mode. This allows users to expediently add annotations on a document without having to re-select the point annotation icon after each annotation.
  • Drawing Annotations via Expiring Embed: We launched Drawing Annotations in November of 2017. This provided end users the ability to free-form draw on their touch-enabled devices using touch or a stylus. We are excited to share that we're making Drawing Annotations available via the Expiring Embed. Users using annotations via the Get Embed Link API will now have a whole new way to express themselves via Box Preview.

2018-02-28 Breaking Change to the Metadata API Endpoints

On March 29, 2018, we will introduce a new data type (array of strings) in the response body of the Metadata API endpoints. We are making this change because we are adding a new field type to metadata templates in Box called multiSelect. This new field type represents a checkbox type multiple selection of values when creating template instances on files or folders. The selected options for this field type are stored in an array of strings, where each string in the array corresponds to the key of the chosen multiSelect option.

An example metadata template JSON response body is shown below. The value for the key audience1 shows an example of the new data type (array of strings) that we are introducing in this change.

    "audience1": ["internal", "internalEng"],
    "documentType": "Q1 plans",
    "competitiveDocument": "no",
    "status": "active",
    "author": "Jones",
    "currentState": "proposal",
    "$type": "marketingCollateral-d086c908-2498-4d3e-8a1f-01e82bfc2abe",
    "$parent": "file_5010739061",
    "$id": "2094c584-68e1-475c-a581-534a4609594e",
    "$version": 0,
    "$typeVersion": 0,
    "$template": "marketingCollateral",
    "$scope": "enterprise_12345"

API Release Notes